The Trolax Server is a customised survival server. It's a normal Minecraft survival but for the first season, we've added 55+ different custom items all with their own unique use. These items and buildings together tell a story that's happened and happening in the server. Join the server and spawn in the huge spaceship above the ground. 

Your planet was invaded by an unknown enemy and you and a few others of your kind have managed to escape with the ship the "Dreadnought". Due to your previous home having been liberated, your task is now to start a new life on the planet you've come to. 

But beware, this planet is very unknown to you and it might contain inhabitants that aren't friendly. 

The server contains custom items that reference other games such as: 
Bow of Nylea 
Shield of Arrav 
The Burning Axe of Sankis 

Other custom items: 
Space Helmet 
Homing Missile's 
Potion of Levitation 
Notes from OGO-2 
Jennifer’s Necklace 

So what exactly are you waiting for? 

Discord server: 


V.I.P. €5,00